Learn X if you know Y!

If you are learning a new programming language, but you already know how to code, then this site is for you. Just select the language that you are learning and the language that you already know. At the screen, you will see a list of basic examples comparing how to do basic stuff in the languages that you selected previously. It's a piece of cake!

Of course, every language has unique features, so it's not as simple as translating one into another. Otherwise, we wouldn't need so many languages. Nevertheless, in this site we try to propose equivalences between one another so that you can easily learn the basics. We leave the other 99% to you!

Do you want to contribute?

This is an open source project. You can: Add new languages, add code snippets in you favorite language, or create new examples. If you got other ideas for this site, you are welcome to propose them. Go to the project's repository and read the contributing.md file for detailed instructions about how to contribute.

Who we are?

This is an idea of Gerson Lázaro, developer, Systems Engineering student, and competitive programming enthusiast.

If you make a contribution to this project, feel free to leave your contact info (name|username + social network url) below.

A special acknowledgement to those who contribute to this site, making it even better: